What Members say..

I loved my stay with Hei Homes at. I had selected a fully furnished unit in The Aston. They provided excellent accommodation alongside utilities that made it a wonderful, no-frills experience. This included all cleaning and kitchen supplies and the team always made sure things were taken care of on time. The facilities and the building was well maintained and their customer service was very responsive, warm and prompt. In fact, the entire staff was friendly and efficient. In summary, it was a great experience. Would highly recommend to my friends.

Ishita Singh

I had a great stay with Hei Homes. The apartment was spacious, very clean and well furnished. My room had a nice bed for a good night sleep, which was important for me. Contact with Hei Homes couldn’t go any better, I could WhatsApp them with every question I had and got an immediate response. Would definitely recommend their services! Thank you Hei Homes!!

Martin Warnier

Hei homes made my experience in Singapore more comfortable and wholesome. They didn’t just provide me with a beautiful room but a safe space that felt like home. Their vision of community building and connecting you with like-minded flatmates made my experience far more superior. Their team is always at your disposal and considerate of your needs.

I highly highly recommended it to anyone looking for a place that feels like home. They’ll remember your needs and take care of you like family. One of the best decisions I made after moving.

Aarushi Duggal

Stayed with Hei Homes for almost 2 years. 🙂 The apartment is well furnished and put together, the staff is responsive and it was a very pleasant stay. I’ve had nice housemates, which was a bonus

Nicole Lim

Without knowing where to settle down in Singapore as a foreigner, co-living was the answer. And choosing Hei Homes was the right decision. On day 1, the management team made adjustments for my late-night arrival in Singapore and provided me detailed instructions, with photos, to enter the property. Hei Homes offered me everything I needed, from bedding, furniture, household necessities to hospitality. The best part was the management team’s responsiveness to any inquiries. Location was a bonus! I ended up extending my stay for a couple more months. I’d recommend Hei Homes to anyone who is looking for a short-term rental.

Hoyn Kim

Stayed for over one year at their wonderfully decorated home, the team is super responsive to every request, all my roommates were lovely and the move in and move out processes were seamless! Highly recommend Hei Homes for your stay

H Ng

Loved staying with Hei Homes, always willing to help with anything and really accommodating. Lovey places to stay and very reasonable prices!

Rachel Halliday

My stay with Hei Homes was lovely! The house was well-maintained, adequately stocked with all sorts of supplies, and was surrounded by ample greenery. Thank you for the prompt communication and transparency throughout. Everyone from the customer service to the cleaning staff were extremely friendly and professional throughout. Flatmates were 10/10 as well!

beautiful and well furnished home, a pleasant stay!
Kate Lopez

It is one of the best renting agencies I have seen, mainly for the students like me who are looking for short term rentals it’s very convenient. The stay was very well organised, starting from furnishing, utensils to arranging helper, everything was spot-on. Would definitely recommend to go through them for a country like Singapore where finding a house is a nightmare. Thanks guys!!

Nithisha CHALLA

My wife and I stayed in a shared apartment by Hei Homes at Central Green (Tiong Bahru) and it was quite a pleasant stay.
Hei Homes tends to pick and choose well fitting flatmates which makes living in a shared place very pleasant.
The interiors are furnished to create a warm and homely feeling and Hei Homes manages the house supplies well and in advance – which takes quite a weight off our shoulders.
For anyone who is moving into Singapore or even planning to switch places, I can recommend any property managed by Hei Homes for a pleasant stay.

Buddhinath Hangawatta

I had an absolute lovely time living at the Aston property of Hei Homes! The house was beautiful, well maintained and furnished fully. The customer service was excellent from day 1 and all concerns were addressed immediately. I have stayed with another coliving company in Singapore before but Hei Homes is the absolute best! Highly recommended, it is home away from home 🙂

Apoorva Srivastava

I stayed at Hei Homes for over a year. Their condos are spacious and services are always quick. One of the reasons I decided to stay at one of their properties was their fine eye for interiors. Absolutely love it.

Surabhi Arbhanad

Hei homes is super responsive and really good about fixing any issues in the flat, and providing necessary supplies. The furnishing in the flat was tasteful and homey. It made my short term stay in Singapore much more enjoyable to have accommodations where I didn’t have to worry about any other utilities or fees.

Nancy Yu

I stayed with Hei Homes at The Claremont – Penthouse. The Hei homes team were wonderful to work with throughout my four month stay. Their apartment was wonderfully designed and weekly cleaning kept it in great condition.

Any issues I had were resolved with swiftness and the team was always very polite. I enjoyed the way they prepared profiles for new roommates, allowing easy introductions and a more welcoming feel overall.

I would absolutely recommend staying with Hei homes!

Javier Martinez

Had a great experience with Hei Homes. From the beginning they were always very accommodating, responsive, and helpful. Very different to some of the experiences other friends have had with co living companies. Highly recommended

Nikki H

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the wonderful experience I had during my stay. From the moment I stepped into the condo, I knew that I had made the right choice. It has the amenities I needed to feel at home.The management team was prompt and willing to help with any issues that arose. Their maintenance staff are efficient in addressing any requests. The location was also ideal, with easy access to shopping, dining, and entertainment which is what I needed the most. Overall, I would highly recommend Hei homes to anyone looking for a comfortable and convenient co-living experience. Thank you Hei homes!

Aiana Obach

I have had a great stay in an accommodation close to Orchard Road. The room is perfect and I even had my own bathroom. Communication with agency was always very uncomplicated. They were pretty helpful. Issues were fixed fast.

Timo Hardt

I had a fantastic experience with HeiHomes, a remarkable coliving organization. I had the pleasure of staying at Central Green in Tiong Bahru for a delightful six months. The apartment provided by HeiHomes was exceptional, and their team went above and beyond to assist me throughout my stay. Without a doubt, I would choose HeiHomes again for any future stays!

Victoria Brügger
The service is really efficient and the room is nice and clean.
Amazing Agency! Best experience – incredibly responsive and helpful 🙂
Cecilia Hoyos

Team at Hei have been very helpful, process was straight forward and a great offering overall.

Mahmoud Swehli

I had a very good experience with Hei homes. Their staff are professional and quickly reply to your demands. The units are always clean and I personally was in a very great condo with a perfect location. With Hei homes you can have a very convenient yet pleasant stay in Singapore. I would recommend !

Eléna Lauret
I had a great experience with Hei Homes at their lovely property at Holland village. Not did I only have a great experience but I also met some incredible people who I can call my lifelong friends!

I chose HeiHomes for TWO reasons only: pretty, convenience. Little did I realized 6 months down the road, not only did they handpicked 5 housemates that would make time for family dinners, but also 5 guests to my wedding.

For a company that has “Home” in its name, they sure know what it truly means beyond the aesthetics of it. Thank you guys for being understanding, responsive, and accommodating throughout my stay.

Choong Eu Jin
Had a pleasant experience staying here. The room was spacious, the girls in my flat were all lovely, and the rent management was quite communicative. The construction noise was the only issue I had but all in all staying here was still worth it given the price and all the facilities offered.
Caranissa Djatmiko

Renting with Hei Homes for my 5 months stay in Singapore was amazing! I loved my condo in Tiong Bahru, the apartment was very nicely decorated (bali vibes) and the area is great. The coliving was also nice, Hei Homes puts like-minded people together so had a great time with my flatmates! Besides that, the service of Hei Homes is very good, you don’t have to think about anything as cleaner, amenities etc are taken care of and they respond very quickly in case of an issue. Can recommend to anyone looking for a coliving place in Singapore!

the team was very good and responsive and everything happened very smoothly. The quality of the house was also great
Nicholas Jones

I can’t thank Hei homes enough for everything they did whilst I was staying in their River Valley apartment. From day 1 they were responsive and accommodating to my needs. They made sure I had all the info I needed and answered all the questions I had. My move in date was a bit up in the air and I needed to change it a few times and Hei Homes were nothing but supportive and helpful. I would recommend everyone to stay with them if you want a long term or short term let, it is a perfect place and very homely. The interiors are super and the layout works great. Thank you Hei Homes for everything.

Emily Thompson

Had a fabulous time staying with Hei Homes. The convenience the place offers is amazing because you don’t need to worry about basics like toilet rolls, laundry detergent etc. Other than that, the whole idea of staying with people belonging to different nationalities, backgrounds helps you make lots of new friends in the process (especially if you’re new to SG). Always a pleasure to come back to Hei Homes for me.

Drishti Sharma

Heihomes is a great co-living provider. It was my first time renting a co-living space, so I did a lot of research and Heihomes is quite reasonably priced compared to other co-living providers on the market.

Their monthly cost accounted for most things internet, weekly cleaning of shared areas, electricity, water, etc. (unless you go above the limit) as well as toiletries such as paper towels, toilet paper etc.). I felt like a lot of the costs of living and renting were covered in my monthly payments. They also have great customer service and respond to any queries very quickly and I would recommend Heihomes to anyone who is looking for a good co-living provider.

joolia taboolia

I had an extremely pleasant experience with heihomes. Even though the pocket room I stayed in was really tiny, the interior designer really made an effort to make the tiny room look nice. The common area was very comfortable and well designed as well.
Any issues with the place were taken care of very quickly. The property manager replies almost immediately and is very kind.
I really liked, that they were flexible regarding the move in and move out date, especially because the rent is charged prorated depending on move in or move out date.
Overall a great experience, would recommend it to anyone looking for a well furnished and professionally managed place.

Jasmin Fuhrmann
Highly recommend Hei Homes. I had a great experience with renting with them. The home was great and well maintained. They were always very responsive and had good communication. Also delivered household goods regularly as well as weekly cleaner.
Felicity Burrows

My co-living experience with HeiHomes is great.
I am glad to have a reasonably-priced room to stay for years.
My room as well as entire apartment unit is spacious and well-furnished.
Many daily necessaries are covered by their services thus it really eases my life.
Friendly & supportive staffs always provide assistance in timely manner.

Johnny KH Yuen

Very tastefully decorated home.
The staff are also very responsive and accomodating.

Brenda Vargas

I loved my stay with Hei Homes at the Regalia. The apartment was furnished well and made me feel like home instantly. Hei homes was also very helpful and always responsive, they made sure all repairs were done on time and managed to answer all my queries. It’s a safe and very aesthetically pleasing option to stay in one of their homes :).

Dakshaini Pathi

Highly recommended.

The entire crew is extremely passionate, and will do anything it takes to make customers satisfied. If you’re lucky enough to get a room through them, it’s a no brainer, take it.

I’d like to point out that not only was my sign-on process friction-less, I was offered top-quality support months after I’d left.

Sarup Banskota
Stayed in Pocket Room in Bali House Novena. Location was definitely a 10/10, the house was beautifully renovated and decorated. Working with hei homes has been great, super responsive and very willing to accommodate your needs. Just wish my room was a little cleaner when I arrived.
Vanessa Romano

Everything was perfect! Room looked as in the pictures. They replied very fast!
I definitely recommend staying with them.

Ewelina Golon

My experience with Hei Homes has been wonderful.
The appartment is well- furnished and beautiful. The team was very efficient throughout and has been very fast with all the issues like maintenance, repairs. I had a very comfortable stay with them and didn’t have to bother about minor things.
I would highly recommend staying with them!

Mansi Sureka
I enjoyed staying at Bali House. Everything looked as in the pictures, kitchen was fully equiped and detergent was provided. They replied very fast, would recommend staying with them.
Jasmin Spoerri
I stayed with Hei Homes for 2 years. I found them to be one of the best options for Co living in Singapore. The rents were affordable, the interiors were nicely done and the apartments were spacious. The staff was very friendly and responsive. Overall would highly recommend.
Anmol Chavan

I stayed with Hei Homes in Singapore in their Kerrisdale apartment during my exchange university semester. I am very happy with everything Hei Homes provided me with. The apartment was like on the pictures on the website and in good condition. What was very nice was the customer service in Singapore. If there was any problem or repair to be made, you could just whatsapp Hei Homes and they took care off it in a quick manner!

I had a very pleasant stay with Heihomes, where the team was very responsive and prompt in attending to our needs – from providing household supplies to making fixes in the apartment. Appreciate it, thank you 🙂
Charissa Pang
Hei Homes saved me when I was looking to quickly relocate to Singapore. They responded so quickly and were very accommodating throughout the whole process. Definitely the best co-living space in terms of customer service and cleanliness! Would recommend for anyone looking for an instant home away from home in SG. 😊
Ysa Chua

It has been a really nice experience living at Hei Homes! They have been very accommodating and made my stay very comfortable throughout.
Would definitely recommend Hei Homes.

Sofia Dendroff

I used Hei Homes services to find my first appartement in Singapore. Very good service, seamless processes to move in and out. Very arranging team, always responsive. Also the location was perfect and the appartement in good conditions. Recommended!

Lucas Oriot

Originally planned to stay for only 3 months but ended up staying for 10 months! Was an awesome stay, especially in terms of location and very clean!


Nice house (things worked, nicely decorated). The hei team was very responsive over WhatsApp which I really appreciated. They also did a nice job of introducing us to each other in advance so it felt a bit like a community, rather than just strangers in the same house.

Emmy Brigstocke

Had a lovely experience with pleasant house mates and a supportive and responsive team at Hei homes . Made the move in and out super comfortable and would highly recommend this as the best combination of luxury and value for money in the fast increasing costs of living in SG. Special shout-out to Isha who has been super supportive in responding to a million queries through the stay .

Sivasubramanian S

The Hei Homes staff is excellent extremely responsive and very helpful. Enjoyed my stay for the past 10 months..

justin ong

Very comfortable stay with reasonable price.
I stayed at 2 Hei homes apartments for 10 months and found the provided services as well as the location is superb. It’s fuss free since everything is all in the rental. Deposit was immediately settled within 7 days of moving out.

minh hằng nguyễn lê

I was staying with Hei Homes for 1 year and the experience was great! The home was well decorated and well maintained. Lease is flexible (min. 3 months and just need to give them 1 month notice if you want to move out). Highly recommended.

Natpapat Jitmahanirun

Amazing cooperation and great variety of flats across Singapore. I stayed with Hei Homes for over a period of one year.

Sachin Aggarwal

Had a lovely 9 month stay at Hei Homes’ Spottiswoode Park Co-Living space. I had initially booked only a 3 months stay but decided to extend my stay as I loved the vibe of the flat and the neighborhood. The flat is located in such a convenient location. Housemates were friendly and the Hei Homes staff is very efficient and accommodating.


The stay at hei homes was very smooth and amazing. The apartment was properly furnished and all the necessities were available for use, I didn’t need to buy even a single utensil. You just need to come with your personal luggage and everything thing else wa made available. In fact, I would love to stay again.

saurabh kanchan

I had a great experience at HeiHomes. They were always quick to responds to my problems. The roommates were all very kind and welcoming, making the stay a lot more enjoyable.

Hannah YinTian Lee
Hei Homes is perfect, very professionnal !👍🏼
Matteo Stephano

I loved my stay with Hei Homes at. I had selected a fully furnished unit in The Aston. They provided excellent accommodation alongside utilities that made it a wonderful, no-frills experience. This included all cleaning and kitchen supplies and the team always made sure things were taken care of on time. The facilities and the building was well maintained and their customer service was very responsive, warm and prompt. In fact, the entire staff was friendly and efficient. In summary, it was a great experience. Would highly recommend to my friends.

Ishita Singh
Good service and kind people!
Brian van laar

My 6 month stay with Hei Homes at Kerrisdale has been wonderful. The unit is well-furnished and maintained. The best part is that the rent is inclusive of most things so I didn’t have to worry about paying monthly utility bills, getting repairs done etc. Not only do they provide us with cleaning and kitchen supplies but also have a weekly cleaner come in to thoroughly clean all the spaces. And to top it up, the team has always been very responsive and efficient. Overall a great experience.

Reva Dhingra

Living with Hei Homes has been a wonderful experience. The apartment was decorated well and felt homely and cozy. My room was so nice and they are super fast at responding to any issues that may come up. Their staff is very friendly and always inform you before the servicing or maintenance workers are coming by. I would definitely recommend staying with them!

Nayantara Singh

The Hei Homes staff is excellent! They are extremely responsive and very helpful. They do a very nice job creating a comfortable and unique living experience. The overall design and aesthetic of their co-living apartments is wonderful as well! 5/5!

Thank you!


I recommend hei homes to everyone who wants to live hassle free in a well furnished, tastefully decorated home with some amazing housemates.

They are a professional team who take care of all your needs during your stay and respond to any query or concern that you may have.

I made some great friends during my stay at one of the homes in Singapore. Thank you hei homes for giving me a great experience while in Singapore.


nimmy namrata

Best letting agency I know. Had a wonderful 3 years here. They’re friendly, responsive and personable. Every unit is beautifully decorated. There’s always someone available to attend to our needs and queries. All in all, highly recommended!

Nathalie Hsien

After chatting with their support on WhatsApp, I picked a room and asked for the price and if I could visit that place to have a look.
They only reply after 1 week to say it has been taken

Long Đặng Hoàng
Super convenient services and helpful/ friendly staff.
Ariel Kuo

I’m very happy I found Hei Homes, as it made my search for accommodation during my exchange studies a lot easier. The staff is friendly and helpful as well, and the location of the apartment I stayed at was very convenient.

Sandra Larsson

It was great to stay at Langston Ville. It is close to the bus stop and also close to most of the places in Singapore.

Nice pocket room, Cozy place to stay.
Herman Howard
Best decision to stay with Hei Homes. The team really responsive.
Isra Ruddin

Hei Homes team has been very responsive throughout the entire process, from scheduling viewing to contract termination.
The rooms are located in strategic areas in Singapore at an average lower price vs other providers.
They provide flexibility by allowing 3 months contracts without surcharge.

Simona Dalmasso

One word that I can think of the place Dublin 17B is love. I love how strategic the location is, the people I lived with, my room, and of course, Heihomes for their assistance and hospitality whenever I need help. I had a delightful stay throughout my contract, and if I have the opportunity again, I will go back to them.

Thank you Heihomes!

Christina Huang

Stayed with Hei Homes for almost 2 years. 🙂 The apartment is well furnished and put together, the staff is responsive and it was a very pleasant stay. I’ve had nice housemates, which was a bonus

Nicole Lim

Heihomes is the best co living place I have, they will always come on time if I need any apartment related help. The room is clean and location is convenient. I appreciate the good service of Heihomes staff.

chloe ji

The service that Hei Homes provides isn’t just professional but also very personal. From the design ideas to procurement, and all the way to resident welfare, all are personally being taken care of and attended to.

Hei Homes creates an environment built for relaxation and comfort after a hard day’s work or a cozy WFH space, for a community that encourages camaraderie, and for utmost security and cleanliness. It addresses not just needs but even various personal requests. I would say there is none like it.

A double thumbs up to Hei Homes! Keep it up!

Jewel Dayne Martinez-Canasa

I’ve been to many countries but have never felt more at home than at Hei Homes. I love how homey and warm the living spaces feel, as opposed to the typical ones you get from hotel rooms that require you to pay twice as much. Next time you visit Singapore, definitely choose Hei Homes and be rewarded with an amazing stay!


Hei Homes was very communicative and pleasant, overall I had an unforgettable experience. One of the things that drew me to the company in the first place was the impeccable design and furnishing of its apartments. Appliance issues (eg. Aircon, oven) is attended and fixed almost immediately. So far the communication with Hei Homes staff is very efficient. In comparison to many other responses I’ve received concerning housing properties in Singapore, Hei Homes seemed more proactive and practical. When selecting a living space, renters are putting a great deal of trust in those they lease from, and honest and direct communication is important to build this trust. I think Hei Homes did a great job of staying in touch and on top of my leasing process.

Merwin Austria

Hei Homes has been an excellent Coliving provider, from beginning to end. All requests are attended diligently and efficiently! They make sure that the repairs & maintenance needed in the apartment is taken care of on a timely manner. Their prices is very reasonable given the quality of service they provide, from furnishing, cleaning to customer support. Ive tried to rent in other places but there’s nothing came close to my experience with Hei Homes! I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for long or short term lease in Singapore. They’e the best option for expats! Thank you Hei Homes!

Carmella Castro

Very professional, perfect rooms for new expats and anyone looking for shared living. Easy and smooth to arrange with quick move in and very reachable if any questions.

Max McConachie

Nice customer service and they address most of your needs timely, had a pleasant 6-month stay with Hei homes. Recommend for those who’re looking for a short term lease/ co-living experience 🙂

Christy Or

The houses are very beautiful, comfortable and homely. I absolutely loved how well thought out and decorated my home was❤️
I stayed with Hei Homes throughout my time in Singapore and it was a pleasant experience

ruchika guria

It’s a very pleasant and homely place to live at. Everything is taken care of by Hei Homes, you just need to bring in your suitcases 😄

I had a great time living at their River Valley property for almost a year, I highly recommend them!

Jyotsana Tripathi

Hei Homes are beautiful and very well-furnished. A complete home experience with well-organised maintenance system. The agency makes sure you are comfortable in the living space, both personal and common, and new housemates are picked ensuring that existing tenants are compatible with them. Hei homes also provides all basic cleaning supplies and a maid service for weekly upkeep of the units. I thoroughly loved and enjoyed my 9 month stay in River Valley. Highly recommend.

Kanishka Tripathi

Very efficient and good service. The apartments are very nice and clean.
Definitely recommended !